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It was the House of Quietness
To which I came at dusk;
The garth was lit with roses
And heavy with their musk.

The tremulous tall poplar trees
Stood whispering around,
The gentle flicker of their plumes
More quiet than no sound.

And as I wondered at the door
What magic might be there,
The Lady of Sweet Silences
Came softly down the stair.

Poem by Christopher Morley

You are a Lady!
Lovely, Devious, Joyful! You are a woman no man can resist. Coquettish, life is about joy and you will rise high in it.
You are fun-loving, flirtatious, a heartbreaker. You can be manipulative and devious to get your way but it's all part of seeking the best out of life.
You are a woman of freedom in every single way. With your spirited nature, grace, and charming ways - you will go far in life.

I adopted my lady doll from DHF

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No more with overflowing light
Shall fill the eyes that now are faded,
Nor shall another's fringe with night
Their woman-hidden world as they did.

No more shall quiver down the days
The flowing wonder of her ways,
Whereof no language may requite
The shifting and the many-shaded.

The grace, divine, definitive,
Clings only as a faint forestalling;
The laugh that love could not forgive
Is hushed, and answers to no calling;

The forehead and the little ears
Have gone where Saturn keeps the years;
The breast where roses could not live
Has done with rising and with falling.

The beauty, shattered by the laws
That have creation in their keeping,
No longer trembles at applause,
Or over children that are sleeping;

And we who delve in beauty's lore
Know all that we have known before
Of what inexorable cause
Makes Time so viscious in his reaping.

Poem by © Edwin Arlington Robinson

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