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This is my site for fairies and happiness, where you'll find alot of my fairy-graphics. Some might think that fairies are pagan and angels are not, but those are very naive. Fairies and angels are the same, and as fairies can be nasty creatures as well, so can angels, but on this site I only want to portrait the sweet innocent fairies and angels. The idea how an angels wings should look is pretty new, so if those babies really are fairies we could never be sure of. Like I said, fairies and angels really are the same mythological creatures and to tell you the truth I believe many mysterious alien encounters lately also are of the same kind as the old times fairies or angel encounters. We tend to interpret our experiences with the time and fashion by which we live by and todays sci-fi and et-stories make us think of people from other worlds more then from other dimensions or realms of this earth, that are not visable for our poor bad eyes. If you would like to sign my guestbook, that is wonderful, as long as you are not intending to invite me to another of those american women-groups. If you wish to invite me to your personal webpage that is fine, and I would love if you picked up some gifts and graphics here and added to your page.

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My delight and thy delight
Walking, like two angels white,
In the gardens of the night:
My desire and thy desire
Twinning to a tongue of fire,
Leaping live, and laughing higher;

Thro' the everlasting strife
In the mystery of life.
Love, from whom the world begun,
Hath the secret of the sun.

Love can tell and love alone,
Whence the million stars are strewn,
Why each atom knows its own,
How, in spite of woe and death,
Gay is life, and sweet is breath:

This he taught us, this we knew,
Happy in his science true,
Hand in hand as we stood
'Neath the shadows of the wood,
Heart to heart as we lay
In the dawning of the day.

Poem by Robert Bridges

You are a Princess!
Lovely, Innocent, Charming. As a Princess you recognize there is so much about the world you need to learn.
You may sometimes be naive but other times you are wise beyond your years. You are sharp, observant, joyous,
and interested in your own personal growth. You have a very caring heart, and are a sweet and beautiful woman.

I adopted my faery doll from DHF

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Loughareema! Loughareema
Lies so high among the heather;
A little lough, a dark lough,
The wather's black and deep.
Ould herons go a-fishin' there,
An' sea-gulls all together
Float roun' the one green island
On the fairy lough asleep.

Loughareema, Loughareema;
When the sun goes down at seven,
When the hills are dark an' airy
'Tis a curlew whistles sweet!
Then somethin' rustles all the reeds
That stand so thick and even;
A little wave runs up the shore
An' flees, as if on feet.

Loughareema! Loughareema!
Stars come out, an' stars are hidin';
The wather whispers on the stones,
The flitterin' moths are free.
One'st before the mornin' light
The Horsemen will come ridin'
Roun' an' roun' the fairy lough,
An' no one there to see.

Poem by © Moira O'Neill

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Myths By The Occult Goddess

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