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~ The Song of Elf ~

Blue-eyed was Elf the minstrel, With womanish hair and ring,
Yet heavy was his hand on sword, Though light upon the string.
And as he stirred the strings of the harp To notes but four or five,
The heart of each man moved in him Like a babe buried alive.

And they felt the land of the folk-songs Spread southward of the Dane
And they heard the good Rhine flowing In the heart of all Allemagne.
They felt the land of the folk-songs, Where the gifts hang on the tree,
Where the girls give ale at morning And the tears come easily.

The mighty people, womanlike, That have pleasure in their pain;
As he sang of Balder beautiful, Whom the heavens loved in vain.
As he sang of Balder beautiful, Whom the heavens could not save,
Till the world was like a sea of tears And every soul a wave.

'There is always a thing forgotten When all the world goes well
A thing forgotten, as long ago When the gods forgot the mistletoe,
And soundless as an arrow of snow The arrow of anguish fell.
'The thing on the blind side of the heart, On the wrong side of the door;
The green plant groweth, menacing Almighty lovers in the spring;
There is always a forgotten thing, And love is not secure.'

Dikt av Gilbert K. Chesterton

Till dig från Sagan Om Ringen - To you from SOR:

Click here to see the tutorial I made this from!

Till dig från Sagan Om Ringen - To you from SOR:

Click here to see the tutorial I made this flower from!
Click here to see the tutorial I made this from!

Fantasy Fights

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~ Rivendell ~

What LoTR Character Are You?

You are most like Elrond.
Although you are very serious, you're not above having a good time.
It's just that your definition of a good time is pretty different
from other people's. You're very smart, so use your knowledge to help others!
At least your not so pessimistic. People may think you're hard nosed,
but all your friends know better. (Alven Angelica got this!)

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~ The Elfin - The Wyld ~

Which Mythological Form Are You?

You are Form 6, Elfin: The Wyld!
"And The Elfin saw the evil and misjudgement in the world and shot her arrow at the sky.
Bolts of lightning struck the earth and gave the world balance and growth."

Some examples of the Elfin Form are Demeter (Greek) and Khepry (Egyptian).
The Elfin is associated with the concept of growth and balance, the number 6,
and the element of water. Her sign is the half moon. As a member of Form 6,
you are a very balanced individual. You can easily adapt to most situations
and you may be a good social chameleon. You aren't afraid of changes in your life,
but sometimes you evolve too rapidly, leaving others to think that you are leaving
them behind. Elfin are the best friends to have because they are open minded.

What LoTR Character Are You?

You Scored as Arwen.
You're Arwen Evenstar! This elven princess may not get in on too much action,
but she's always optimistic and hopeful for the future. She does what she can
to help her love, Aragorn, who is off fighting, and is always supportive of him.
"I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone."
(Princess Elanor got this!)

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