Välkommen till mina aktiviteter. Detta är en sammanställning av vad för några aktiviteter
du kan förvänta dig på den här sidan. Det är ingen exakt uppräkning, utan bara något
litet för att få en hum om vad jag håller på med här.

Welcome to my activities. This an approximative summarization of what kind of activities
you may expect on my mailinglist. It is not an exact account, but just something
little for you to get a clue on what I am doing here.

Läs den här sidan fö:rst om du vill gå med gruppen.
Read this page first if you wish to join the group.

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Siare Häxar

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Vad ser en Siare?
Sanningar som undgår de flesta och framtiden.
En och annan profetia sitter inte heller fel.

You are a Seer!

You see things that are hidden to most others. You undestand evil and where it comes from. The untold and unseen are no mysteries to you.

En del lärlingar är Siare och deltar i Odjurens Tid.
Some apprentices are Seers and part of Odjurens Tid.

Time of the Beasts - for all seers and witches
Odjurens Tid för siare och häxor!

Sökare Drömmer

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Vad lockar en Sökare?
Insikter om våra legender och urtida historia.
En och annan fantasi sitter inte heller fel.

You are a Seeker!

You search for ancient wisdom and knowledge. You unveil the rulers agenda of this realm. The stories of old are what makes you jive.

En del lärlingar är Sökare och deltar i Sagan Om Ringen.
Some apprentices are Seekers and part of Sagan Om Ringen.

Lord of the Rings - for all seekers and dreamers
Sagan Om Ringen för sökare och drömmare!

Skapare Smider

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Vad leker en Skapare med?
Kreativitet i egna ord och bilder.
En och annan websida sitter inte heller fel.

You are a Creator!

You create new and beautiful things. You take from nothing and make anew. The emptiness is filled by your imagination.

En del lärlingar är Skapare och deltar i Romeo & Julia.
Some apprentices are Creators and part of Romeo & Julia.

Romeo and Juliette - for all creators and welders
Romeo & Julia för skapare och smeder!

The ases rode over the rainbow bridge with frost white weapons,
glimpsed distant in the Ironwoods darkness the dripping beastgaps.
The swords clang and shone, when giants names were heard.
The echo of the voices, the noise of hooves far into the space travelled.

The elfen walked in burgeoning grass softly on smooth feet.
Trees sprung in bloom, when the elfens stepped lightly over knotty roots.
The earth realm were joyous, sprouting Spring arrived,
the May night glowed white from the elfens white skin.

Ases and elfens went to court and split the might of earth.
The ases sat like cut out of stone, heavy of ancient glory.
The elfens glided like shadows - they wander as they wish -
shadows of all that isn't but once might come to exist.

Ases and elfens hold consultation and split the earth such:
for the ases all a hand can touch and all a word can reach,
for ases all which is spoken and all the time that has passed -
for elfes that which then remains: all nameless and new.

Ases and elfen hold consultation and split the human species:
for ases those who hold on to the fathers inherited rights,
chiefs and warriors and all the sacrificial priests
and all whom in temples pray - from east to west.

Ases and elfen hold consultation and split the human family:
for elfens those who blindly obeys a day yet not broken,
all who blot in the woods and the fathers laws not support
and all who grows like wild trees - all, from north to south.

So they decided, and so it became. So they governed the earth's ring.
The ases govern over ransom in battle and visable signs and things.
But the elfens govern the things which never a name has had,
and all what they have and all what they give is the fertility might.

Poem by Karin Boye

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Musik av Annie Lennox - Why?