Välkommen till mitt hem med angorakatter. Jag delar med mig av en del foton och gåvor till dig, och minnessidor och andra djursidor, som du kan njuta av. Vi har just nu tre stycken helvita angorakatter, två svartvita och en svartsmoke. Sen har vi också några korthåriga katter i familjen.

Welcome to my home with angora cats. I share a few photos and gifts with you, and memorial pages and other pet pages you may enjoy. We have at the moment three solid white angora cats, two black and white and one black smoke. Then we also have a few shorthaired cats in the family.

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I call you bad, my little child, Upon the title page,
Because a manner rude and wild Is common at your age.
The Moral of this priceless work (If rightly understood)
Will make you - from a little Turk Unnaturally good.

Do not as evil children do, Who on the slightest grounds
Will imitate the Kangaroo, With wild unmeaning bounds:
Do not as children badly bred, Who eat like little Hogs,
And when they have to go to bed Will whine like Puppy Dogs:

Who take their manners from the Ape, Their habits from the Bear,
Indulge the loud unseemly jape, And never brush their hair.
But so control your actions that Your friends may all repeat.
"This child is dainty as the Cat, And as the Owl discreet."

Dikt av Hillaire Belloc

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