Här har jag gjort fredskort du kan använda på din sida eller skicka till någon.
Varje kort representerar en stjärna i Pleiaderna, varför jag också lagt in vackra
filmer som passar in. Gör av dem det du vill och gör inte som den
inbillningssjuke, som tror sig veta vad jag tror.
Here I've made peace cards you can use on your site or send to someone.
Each card represents a star in the Pleiadies, why I also have added beautiful
films that fits in. Make of them what you wish and don't do as the one with
an over-active imagination, who believes she knows what I believe.
Länka gärna tillbaka till min sida. Please link back to my site:

I adopted my doll from DHF


The Pleiad star and mountain nymph of the Taygetos Mountains in Lakedaimonia.
She was loved by Zeus and with him she became the mother of Lacedaemon and of Eurotas.
Their son Lakedaimon was the ancestor of the kings of Sparta.
Some traditions, moreover, state that by Tantalus she became the mother of Pelops.


A Pleiad star-nymph of Pisa in Elis. She was loved by the god Ares and
bore him Oinomaos and Euenos. She is probably identified with the Naiad Harpina
who is otherwise named as the mother of Oinomaos by Ares. Asterope means "Star Eyed"
or "Star Faced" astêr+ops and Sterope means "Flashing" or "Dazzling Light".


An Okeanid nymph of Mount Kyllene in Arkadia who was the wife of the Titan Atlas.
Pleione bore him a bevy of beautiful daughters. She may have been numbered amongst
the Epimelides (nymphs of the flocks) and presided over the multiplication of the animals,
for her name means "to increase in number" and her grandson, Hermes, was the god of animal husbandry.

~ The Pleiades ~

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