Här har jag gjort fredskort du kan använda på din sida eller skicka till någon.
Varje kort representerar en stjärna i Pleiaderna.
Here I've made peace cards you can use on your site or send to someone.
Each card represents a star in the Pleiadies.
Länka gärna tillbaka till min sida. Please link back to my site:

I adopted my doll from DHF


A Pleiad star-nymph of Mount Kithairon in Boiotia loved by the god Poseidon.
Alcyone means either "strong-helper" from alkê+oneô or "kingfisher" from alkyôn.
A daughter of Atlas and Pleione, by whom Poseidon begot Aethusa, Hyrieus and Hyperenor.
To these children Pausanias adds two others, Hyperes and Anthas.


The eldest of the Pleiades, the seven nymphs of the constellation Pleiades.
She was a shy goddess who dwelt alone in a cave near the peaks of Mount Kyllene
in Arkadia where she secretly gave birth to a son by Zeus, the god Hermes.
Maia "the nursing mother" Aiskhylos calls the earth-goddess Gaia Maia (Mother Earth).


The Pleiad star or mountainnymph of Mount Saon on the island of Samothrake in the Aegean.
She was loved by Zeus and bore him a son Dardanos, ancestor of the Trojan royal family,
and a daughter Harmonia. Electra is the bright or brilliant one who according to Servius
was the wife of king Corythus, by whom she had a son Jasion, founder of the Samothrakian Mysteries.


Star-nymph daughters of the Titan Atlas who married the impious king Sisyphos of Corinth,
by whom she became the mother of Glaucus. She was ancestress of the Korinthian and Lykian royal families.
She was so ashamed of her husband's crimes that she hid her face amongst the stars of heaven.
Merope means "with face turned" from meros+ops, "with sparkling face" mairô+ops, and "bee-eater bird" merops.

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